Our Calculated Growth Model™

Our Calculated Growth™ Model is designed to measure every decision’s financial impact on your business…and how you can leverage it.

This model is implemented using a 3-pronged approach to make sure your growth is calculated and scalable. Please see our foundational chart below.

Not only does this model help to add more money to your bottom line through informed decision making, it helps to maximize the value of the business when you go to exit. The lack of proper systems in a business model is the No.1 reason why businesses fail to be sold…or get sold for less than they are worth.

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Your Resource For Everything Financial

We make it a top priority that the lines of communication are always open between our team and yours.

Financial decisions that impact your business cannot wait days to be answered. Our 24 – hour response policy with personalized support ensures that no questions go unanswered.

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Implementing the Perfect Accounting Tech Stack

By implementing our Perfect Accounting Tech Stack, we can increase the speed and efficiency of your financial data analysis.

Allowing us to evaluate your business in real-time, identify where the bottlenecks are, and make recommendations that ultimately increase the value of your business.

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Accurate & Timely Financial Reporting

Accurate and timely financial information serves as the foundation of your business growth…and the Calculated Growth Model™.

Through our proprietary reconciliation process, we can ensure you will receive accurate and timely financial info about your business. You will have confidence that every decision you make is calculated.

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Tech Used to Fuel the Calculated Growth Model ™

Technology can be beneficial but it can also be overwhelming at times. With so many apps and software packages to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start. We spent years developing our Perfect Accounting Stack to eliminate the headaches for you. Will you use every single one? No, and that’s okay.

Below is an example of the tools we currently use for maximum efficiency. But no matter which tools you may already use, we will work with you to design a stack of technology that increases your business’s efficiency and adds value to whichever direction you take your business…whether that be scaling, growing or exiting.

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