Scope of Services

One Simple Goal

For every business we work with, our goal is simple…helping you reach peak profitability by leveraging the company’s financial data.

Making decisions based strictly off a printed P&L from the accounting software alone typically leaves a business on a plateau. The day you start analyzing and quantifying the numbers below the surface…is the day your business starts becoming more profitable.

Whether you are looking to enhance your current accounting department or want our team to take over your accounting for you…We have the formulas and frameworks to take your business to its next level of profitability.


Our Pricing

We work with all our clients on monthly, fixed fee model. Our fee is determined by the size of your company, complexity of your accounting, the number of monthly accounting transactions and the services we agree on together. We have found this to be fair for all parties and will also allow you to budget properly as opposed to getting “surprise” bills every month.


QuantifyBookkeepingControllerLite CFO
24-Hour Response Policy
Liaison to all 3rd Parties
AR Management
AP Management (
Bookkeeping (QBO)
Cash Basis P&L & Balance SheetN/AN/A
Unlimited Questions
Monthly Review MeetingADD ON
Monthly Accrual Close
Accrual P&L, BS and CF
Cash Flow Forecasting
Customized Reporting
Job Costing
Financial Dashboard/KPI's
What If Analysis
Payroll Processing (Gusto/ADP)ADD ONADD ONADD ON
Sales Tax (Avalara)ADD ONADD ONADD ON
Accounting Clean-UpADD ONADD ONADD ON

Strong financial data delivered to you in a timely manner (aka not waiting 45+ days for your current accounting team to deliver monthly financial reports) will allow you to make better-informed decisions based on financial facts…and not guesses.

The goal for every business we work with is to:


  • Enhance the communication between accounting and business management
  • Outsource their businesses financial work…so you can focus on more important tasks
  • Create accurate and timely financial reports
  • Identify the financial leaks within your business and create solutions to patch the holes
  • Help you grow the business by delivering advanced financial data
  • Ultimately achieve peace of mind knowing the financial side of your business is secure

Additionally, we implement proprietary systems like our Calculated Growth Model™ to give business owners peace of mind knowing the financial side of the business is taken care of accurately, timely, and efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Bookkeeping Services

Several small business owners prefer doing basic bookkeeping tasks themselves in an effort to save money. However, once they realize how much time they can save by hiring a bookkeeping service for startups, they won’t want to go back.

Working with outsourced bookkeepers for your startup is one of the best decisions you can make if you want to start making better financial decisions. 

Our goal is to take the guesswork out of the equation by providing you with accurate financial records surrounding your company. This will help you focus on other important aspects of your work while we handle the rest.

Do you want to learn more about our outsourced bookkeeping services for startups? Keep reading this section!

Is Hiring a Bookkeeper for a Small Business Worth It?

Is a bookkeeper needed for a small business? The short answer is “yes.”

As mentioned in the introduction, some people believe they save money by doing their bookkeeping themselves, but that’s not quite true.

When you hire outsourced bookkeepers for your startup, you lower the chances of human errors, missed reports, inaccurate financial statements, and more.

Thankfully, bookkeeping services for startups will allow you to focus on other vital aspects of your business while our team helps promote a higher cash flow through our detailed reports.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re considering growing your business in the future or not. You must always have a sense of how much money you’re gaining and how much it’s going out. Besides helping you plan your business’ finances, a bookkeeping service for startups will also help you fulfill your legal obligations.

A bookkeeper will also ensure that all your business expenses/records are stored and updated accordingly, preventing discrepancies with your VAT or tax returns.

To summarize, an outsourced bookkeeping solution will help you with your company’s:

  • Organization
  • Financial Analysis
  • Planning
  • Budgeting

One of the worst decisions you can make as an owner is to rely on printed P&Ls you got from other accounting services/software. First, you must analyze all the data you’re getting from your business, and that’s where our online bookkeeping service comes in.

How Does the Calculated Growth Model Work?

Our CGM is a proprietary system that will ensure you measure the financial impact of all your business decisions accordingly. Moreover, this system will also help you evaluate how you can maximize your company’s value.

It uses a three-pronged approach, which will help you make the most out of all the financial information you’re getting. You can read more about this system on our website.

When Should I Hire Bookkeepers to Work with My Bookkeeping Software?

Do you need to outsource bookkeeping for a small craft business? We got you covered! Overall, outsourced bookkeeping for startups is needed as soon as you start your project.

Some business owners believe they have to wait until they have a problem with their cash flow statement or any other data to consider hiring professional bookkeepers. Remember bookkeepers will help you manage, analyze, record, and organize your financial transactions, and they will outline everything accordingly in your future financial statements.

If you don’t hire a bookkeeper soon, you could end up with days, weeks, or months’ worth of invoices and receipts you didn’t process, which will make you lose time and money.

Is Hiring a Bookkeeper for a Small Business Worth It?

Finding the right person or team to outsource bookkeeping for your small business can be tricky; trusting your financial information to someone else isn’t easy, and that’s why we offer our discovery call to potential clients.

Any business owner interested in our outsourced bookkeeping service can click on the “Schedule a Discovery Call” button to get started. Then, they can choose a date and time when they would like to receive a call.

Finally, all that’s left to do is wait until one of our team representatives gets in touch with them.

Here, you will be able to ask any questions you have surrounding our startup bookkeeping services and also get to know our fees. Keep in mind we establish our fee based on:

  • Your company’s size.
  • The complexity of the project.
  • The number of transactions/services you may need.

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