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10 Promises We Make To Our Clients

As a professional, we owe a certain level of service to our clients. To Quantify this, we have developed 10 promises that we make to all of our clients. These promises are the foundation of our business. 

Peace of Mind

There can be a lot of stress running a business. As a business owner, one thing you should not have to worry about is if your financials are in order. Working with a team like ours will give you confidence that everything is being done properly and accounted for. 

Candid Truth

Not every conversation we have with our clients is easy. Sometimes we have to deliver some bad news or hard truths about what is going on in their business. It would be wrong to sugarcoat the facts just to avoid a tough conversation. You deserve to know everything that is going on, whether good or bad.

Value-Added Advice

Advice can come in many shapes and sizes. Whatever it might be, we strive to bring value to our clients any way we can. 

Proactive Communication

We’ve discussed in length what it means to be a proactive accountant. Being reactive can help you “get by” but working with a proactive accountant can push your business forward.

Respond Within 24 Hours

I can’t tell you how many business owners I have spoken to over the years that can’t get a simple response from their accountant. To me, this is completely unacceptable. Even if you don’t know the answer to something, telling your client you got their message and are working on it can go a long way. We’ve adopted a 24-hour response policy and do everything in our power to never break it.

$$$ Savings

Who doesn’t like more money in their pockets, right? It is our duty to always being looking for ways to achieve this for our clients. Sometimes its very simple and sometimes it is more complex, but we are always searching.

Always Know Our Price & Scope

Transparency in pricing is something we adopted a while back and I believe it has transformed our business. Our clients always know what our role is and what our price will be. This allows them to budget properly and never have to worry about surprise bills.

No Financial Surprises

Nothing is worse then getting a surprise bill you weren’t expecting. We do everything in our power to plan ahead and avoid these situations. Of course there are situations where there is nothing that can be done, like getting audited by the IRS, but we place a huge emphasis on planning to avoid major surprises within our control.

No Accounting Jargon

I am convinced that accountants use technical jargon to make themselves sound smart. But is it even working? I think that clients actually get upset by this because they have no idea what we are talking about! They want to know what is going on but in a language they can understand. We pride ourselves on our accounting knowledge but also being able to share that knowledge with our clients in terms they can easily understand.

Utilize Best Technology

Being younger, we have embraced technology from the beginning. We are always looking for new technology that can make us more efficient or help our clients. Technology can help scale, collaboration, efficiency and so much more. 


These 10 promises are the foundation of our business. It is why clients enjoy working with us and value what we do. What has your accountant promised you?

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