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The Challenge of Being a Young Entrepreneur

Being a young entrepreneur can be challenging. When I started by business I was 25 years old. Lacking significant experience, it was hard to garner respect for the first couple years. It was especially difficult when you are 25 trying to sell professional services. For a while I never thought I was being taken seriously.…

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Work Smarter, Not Harder – Not so Fast

When I graduated college in May of 2009, my immediate goal following that achievement was to pass the CPA exam. I didn’t start my full-time job until September so I had the entire summer to pass as many sections of the four-part exam as I could. It was a grueling process. I averaged 8 hours…

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Now Is the Time to Sell Your Business

Since I started my business back in 2012, I have noticed a reoccurring theme. And quite frankly, it is a little perplexing. People start businesses for many different reasons. However, the one common theme is that business owners typically want to make money and sell their business someday. I understand this is not the case…

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What Ever Happened to Just Telling the Truth?

What a crazy world we live in. As scary as it sounds, it seems like telling the truth and being honest is an afterthought in today’s culture. I don’t want to get political but let’s just look at this past election for example. Every media company is telling a different story, most likely based on…

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