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Exciting News!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone is off to a great start in 2018. We have some exciting news to announce here at Quantify. We have been working on a price quote system on our website and it has officially been rolled out.

Before I post the link, I want to make two quick points on the thought process behind building a system like this.

First, we are hoping that the increased transparency with our pricing will help to drive more business. Every client of ours is different so we felt it required a customized price quote. While there is still a place for that, we felt developing a consistent pricing model across the board would help to bring clarity to the client in regards to the exact price they would be paying and the services they would be receiving.

Second, we see too many businesses who aren’t getting the services they need or are at a price point that doesn’t work for them. We are hoping people can use our system as a baseline for their current accounting services. Our goal when we started this business was to help other business owners. If this tool can do that, even if we don’t get to work with them, that is a win for us.

I also want to ask for your help. First, any feedback would be much appreciated. If you don’t understand something on the form, please get in touch so we can make any necessary corrections. Second, my goal for this entire year is to get this price form in the hands of as many business owners as possible. If you know anyone that is looking or simply wants a second opinion, it would mean the world to me if you could share this with them. I usually don’t ask for much on my blogs but this would be a huge help.

Here is the link for the price quote page.

A huge thank you to everyone that follows along with the blog. I am excited for everything that is to come in 2018. Have a great day!

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