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Must Read Books for Entrepreneurs: Part 2

Toilet PaperToilet Paper What?!

One of the first books I read when I started my business was The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur by Mike Michalowicz. I am sure you are thinking the same thing I first thought, “what the heck is up with that title”? This book explains how to start your company with just a few pieces of “toilet paper”. Mike is the founder of three multi-million dollar companies and has appeared on Fox News and CNBC’s On the Money. I first heard about Mike from his blog which gives countless tips and tricks to entrepreneurs just starting out.

Quick Summary

If you are looking for some direction with starting your business, this is the book for you. The book covers an array of topics including how to get started in business with no money and how to grow and manage your business. Everything in this book is so practical and easy to follow. Mike is also extremely clever and funny. You will read some things in this book and think “did he just say that”? However, if you really think about what he just said, he is usually dead on.

Why Should I Read this Book?

Obviously Mike has been extremely successful starting and growing businesses. However, the real reason to pick up this book is if you are lacking motivation or that final push. I know when I was first starting my business, people told me that I shouldn’t leave my job or that it is too risky. This book will challenge so much, you will want to take over the world when you are finished. Mike also has a way of pressing your buttons (in a good way). It’s refreshing to read a book by someone who is so real and down to earth because you feel like you can relate. He has been through some really tough startup times and it is cool to hear someone as successful as him dive into that aspect of his career. If you are starting a business or recently started one, you have to pick up this book.

My Favorite Quote

“Mistakes are good, successes are great, and idleness is a sin.”


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