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The Beginning of a Journey

As I mentioned last week, we will be starting a new series entitled “My Journey”. If you’ve ever written anything before, you will know that “writer’s block” is all too real. I pride myself on writing about topics that have meaning to you, week in and week out. So as I was talking to a friend about what series to start up, he said why don’t you just write about your journey? At first I kind of laughed because I couldn’t see the value in that. But then I started thinking back and realized that, while I’m no Mark Zuckerberg, I am however a successful 30 year old entrepreneur who started a business at the age of 25 out of his parents’ house.

I have stories of failure, stories of success, I have advice about how to move forward, what to do when things constantly don’t work out, stories about trying to do things on my own, and stories about wanting to give up.

Everyone has a story. In the midst of wanting to succeed and scanning blog posts for “10 ways to make a million dollars”, it’s so important to remember your story along the journey. I want to use this series to share my story with you so that you can share your story with me. I want you to realize by reading my story that you have a story of your own to share. We’ve all been given special gifts and talents, which are wrapped up in the journey behind us and the journey before us.

If our only interaction is me writing this blog and you reading it, I want you to realize that your passions and ideas are valuable. If you never reach out to me, what matters is that you are pursuing your dreams. If we’re not living out the stories we dream about everyday, then we’ll always be living in a story we don’t want.

As I share my journey please reach out to me and let me know how you are connecting — I’m sharing my stories so that I can hear yours!

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