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The Challenge of Being a Young Entrepreneur

Being a young entrepreneur can be challenging. When I started by business I was 25 years old. Lacking significant experience, it was hard to garner respect for the first couple years. It was especially difficult when you are 25 trying to sell professional services. For a while I never thought I was being taken seriously. Sure, people would meet with me and say how impressed they were that I started my own business at such a young age. But the work just never came in. That told me more about how they felt towards me then anything they could ever say.

At that point, I decided I needed to find a way to use my age to my advantage instead of the market seeing it as a disadvantage. Here are a couple of ways I was able to do this.

Typically, accountants don’t like technology or change. Ones that have been in the profession for a long time usually have no interest in embracing new technology. They are still really good at what they do but I saw this as an opportunity. I grew up with technology. It is something that comes very natural to me. I decided that utilizing the latest technology could separate us from most other accountants.

Being younger also meant that I was going to be around longer than most other accountants. Our clients didn’t have to worry if I was going to be with them for the next 5, 10, 15 years. This would give us the ability to grow together and build a long-lasting relationship. Continuity in business is important and I could offer it more than any other accountant around.

These are just two examples of how I used my age to my advantage. Everyone’s situation is different. Maybe age isn’t an issue for you but something else seems be holding you back. Whatever it is, you can overcome it.

If you are a young entrepreneur, I would encourage you not to let your age come in the way of chasing your dream. Look for ways in which your age is an advantage and make it a key part of your marketing strategy. Being a young entrepreneur can be hard but I promise you can turn what appears to be a “weakness” into one of your greatest strengths.

Have a great weekend!

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