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I am still in shock from what happened last Sunday night. I have been a die-hard Eagles fan my entire life and have waited 31 years for this moment. While my heart is telling me to write 2 pages of obnoxious bragging, I do think there are so many things that anyone (football fan or not) can learn from this team.

Throughout the year they lost their starting running back, special teams captain, hall of fame right tackle, middle linebacker and MVP quarterback. Any single one of those injuries could have easily derailed this team but they continued to play and live by the “next man up” mantra. When Carson went down, I was having doubts they could win it all. But they never stopped believing.

The story of the 2017 Philadelphia Eagles proves that if you continue to fight through adversity and win the mental battle that you can accomplish anything. I am so proud of this team and proud to call myself a fan.

I may end up writing more about this team over the next few months but right now I am at a loss for words. I really wasn’t sure if this day would ever come but here we are.

I will conclude with the most important lesson that came from all of this…


Man, that feels good. Have a great weekend everyone.

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