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Why You Need to Be Innovative

innovation is keyThe past two weeks we have touched on two of our core values at The Quantify Group: Work-Life Balance and Doing What is Right All the Time. While these two are the lifeblood of who we are, without #3 we wouldn’t have anything. Our third core value is innovation.

What is Innovation?

Innovation is the introduction of new ideas, practices, and/or methods. Being able to distinguish yourself as a business or an individual is what can lead to long term success. Innovation can be achieved in so many ways. Innovation could mean inventing a new product, offering a new service or maybe it’s an old product or service that you find a new way to produce. Regardless of what you are doing and developing, innovation is the key. We live in an extremely competitive world and whether you are starting a new business or applying for a new job, you need to set yourself apart.

Innovation at The Quantify Group

So how does The Quantify Group do innovation? Our core service line is outsourced accounting and controller solutions. We fill a huge gap for businesses who need some expertise related to their finances and accounting, but may not need a full time controller/CFO quite yet. From what we have seen, not many firms specialize in this area — most firms simply focus on audit and tax.

We also embrace and utilize technology better than 99% of other firms out there. I’m not making this point to be arrogant, it is just the truth. Being a team of younger CPA’s, we grew up with technology in every facet of our lives. If we did not embrace technology, we would be wasting a huge opportunity to put ourselves ahead of the competition. Using technology helps to make our lives and the lives of our clients better.

My Challenge

My challenge to you is this: how is your business more innovative then everyone else in your market? Why would someone choose to work with you over someone else? If you are in the workforce, what separates you from the person interviewing right after you? Everyone and every business has some way they can be innovative, and figuring out your niche is crucial to really establishing your business. Every client/prospect we talk to knows how we are different than other firms, and if you want to earn someone’s support in business or get that new job, you need to display how you are different, and how you are better. Being an innovator is where it all needs to start.

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