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Turkey Hunting and Business Strategy?

you need to be agile in businessAs I’m sure you’ve been able to put together now, I am an avid outdoorsmen. I love every aspect of God’s beautiful creation. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go turkey hunting with a good friend of mine. I promise this story is business related, so stick with me.

We arrived at the farm around 4:30 AM. We hiked out to our spot and we were all set up by 5:30. For turkey we set up in a ground blind. We film all of our outdoor experiences so the ground blind gives us room for all of our camera equipment.

It was a pretty slow morning so around lunch time we decided to change spots. As we were hiking over to the new spot we saw some turkeys off in the distance. Now in case you are unaware, turkeys have incredible eye sight. We knew that setting up a blind and all of our camera equipment just wasn’t going to work. We decided to go mobile and set up in some thick brush on the edge of a field. Our ability to adapt to the situation allowed us to be successful on that day.

Here’s the connecting point…

Change is inevitable, whether you’re being the hunter, or the business owner. Not only do you need to be open to change, you need to embrace it. Being able to do this on the fly is what will separate you from your competition.

Being agile and adapting to change is going to look different for every business. It could involve the type of services you offer, the type of people you hire, or the technology you use within your business. Regardless, the market is going to dictate where you need to go next. If you don’t have a market for your product or service, you have nothing. If you want to be successful, you need to be willing to make changes and adapt.

I’m always making an effort to write about things that I have experienced or done personally. We have made many changes in our business over the past couple years — we strive to “practice what we preach”. I can safely say that we do practice this principle and we will continue to place an emphasis on being agile and adapting to the market.

Before you go, let me leave you with a question. If your business is set up in one position but you know it needs to be somewhere else, will you be able to execute the proper move or will you continue down your current path and simply hope for the best?

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